Kozumikku Sandā - Interview #3 | Poetic Earthlings

Hello Readers

I’ve decided to release my Interviews on a few different platforms as part of an experiment to see where they attract the most authentic interactions.

Otherwise, hope you enjoy this ride. New Interviews out weekly.


Please introduce yourself to Kozumikku Sandā readers.

I’m the writer and producer of Poetic Earthlings, a Scifi Original Anthology.

My wife came up with the name and the show idea. I always wanted to host a podcast but it had to be something that inspired me. She said, "lean into your weirdness you earthling."

I'm not sure if her comment was a compliment or an insult but it got me thinking. I dusted off my 400 stories, found a connecting thread and started brainstorming.

The thread in my stories is the poetic elements and the heart is earthlings, our beauty, our downfall and similarities.

Which personality trait do artists such as yourself require to do this type of work?

Empathy is fundamental. If you can put yourself in someone else’s shoes your perspective will radically change. On the episode, Gold Fish Suicide Letter, I was the fish writing my owner a letter to justify my self demise.

Have you ever run out of ideas? How did you overcome this?

The best way to form new ideas is to lower our filters. Our minds are governed by safeguards and protocols that allow certain information in and restrict others.

We need these filters in place for our mental well-being but too many filters could be a determent. Whenever I’m running low on ideas this is a sign I have too many filters. Allowing crazy off the wall ideas into our minds is the key to unlocking precious gems.

Do you think there’s more to sound engineering than just mixing snippets into a coherent flow?

Absolutely. Sound engineering is essential to good storytelling. Snippets, music and effects should be used to complement the story. Before I start editing either my show or another podcast I think of how the story makes me feel and what it’s trying to project to the audience. With this info I carefully design the sound.

Does having some form of tertiary education help you in this field?

Formal education, when it comes to English, has helped me to some degree. My teachers gave me the basics. I started writing stories in primary school and my teachers encouraged me every step of the way.

Could you get by with just self-learning?

I could get by however the quality of my work would be average. I’m constantly listening to other podcasters and writers to improve my skills.

Would you encourage others to follow this route towards a profession?

Writing and podcasting is extremely rewarding if you’re doing it for the right reasons. If your primary goal is financial freedom then you may be disappointed. Financial freedom is possible but there needs to be a higher reward.

I believe we’re in the 4th season of Poetic Earthlings. When you started did you expect such a run?

Not at all. There were times I came close to hanging up the microphone, these were the early days when I was trying to find my voice.

Do you have a favourite ep?

One of my favorites is 1 800 Life Coach. I teamed up with Emily Inkpen, a British writer and podcaster, to record this episode. It’s about a Self help organization that takes over every facet of the character’s life.

What’s your recording set-up like?

My dynamic microphone, laptop, headphones, quiet room, a sprinkle of magic and some prayers.

Off the top of your head, who would you give a shout out to?

Tiffany C Lewis for being in my corner. Shawntay, the lady with the golden voice. Brent Stark, for being an inspirational and incredible earthling.

Are you on social media and where can your fans interact with you? 

I’m on Twitter @Poeticearthling and the website for the podcast is www.poeticearthlings.com

So… what’s next for you in 2022? 

Reinventing Poetic Earthlings with new talent and voices, and as Pinky and the Brain said, “try to take over the world.”